Adam Borman Shoots for Canadian Western Bank | Find Your Focus | Photo and Video Campaign

My name is Adam and I am a commercial and advertising photographer work from Edmonton, Alberta. Thanks for checking out the blog! 

I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with FKA Advertising for Canadian Western Bank directing and photographing the bank’s upcoming campaign.

It was a jam-packed production day, capturing three slightly-normal, yet slightly quirky spots dreamed up by the outstanding creative team at FKA. In addition to the production day, my team spent a day pre-lighting the scenes and at least a week of total time in further pre-production. 

It truly is that prep time that makes the shoot day run without hiccups or unforeseen issues on set.

Likely the most significant issue we had to overcome was how the hell were we going to make that iron stream!?!? At numerous other failed attempts, my brilliant producer, Colleen at Hoopla Media, reached out to local visual effects artist, Larry Kelly. Larry rigged our prop iron to produce a small, controlled combustion. So cool! 

This project would have absolutely not been possible with the incredible team behind it! 

CLIENT   Canadian Western Bank


PRODUCER and CASTING   Hoopla Media 


ART DIRECTOR   Elliott Kuss 


TALENT AGENCY   Darryl Mork Talent Management 

STYLING   Hannah Alimonti 

HAIR & MAKEUP   Amber Prepchuk & CS Artistry 

VISUAL EFFECTS   Larry Kelly    

ASSISTANTS   Mason Herron, Akemi Matsubuchi & Helvin Nyoliman   

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