Recent Work

  1. WHERE Edmonton x Winspear Centre | Edmonton Fashion Photographer

    10 Sep 2018
    Hello! My name is Adam Borman and I am a commercial fashion photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta.  Fashion photography was what made me original fall in love with photography – it’s the mix of capturing beautiful people, in beautiful items, in beautiful places.  Recently I had the pleasure of working…

  2. Coca-Cola Bottle Image | Edmonton Product Photography

    13 Mar 2018
    Hello!  Here is a recent product photograph I captured of a (full-size) Coca-Cola Bottle!  Product photography is a genre I have spoken a bit about here on my commercial photography blog as I love sharing behind the scenes of what goes into a final image. It can be surprising the…

  3. Edmonton Residential Architectural Photography Project

    27 Feb 2018
    Hello! And welcome here to the blog. I am Adam Borman and I am a commercial photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. Today, I would like to share some interior images from a recent architectural photography project I completed of a residential home in Edmonton Branching out from portrait and product…


    20 Feb 2018
    Hello, it is me, Adam Borman. I am a photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta, specializing in commercial, product, and editorial work.  This past year, I created and captured a body of work entitled The Healthy Alternative. This was the first time I had ever created a standalone body of…

  5. Shoe Photography - ‘How-To’ and Behind the Scenes

    13 Feb 2018
    Hello and welcome to the blog. My name is Adam and I am commercial photographer based in Edmonton One of the greatest attributes a commercial product photographer can have is the ability to problem solve. It’s critical on set during the shoot, and just as important in pre-production phase when…

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