Edmonton ADVERTISING and COMMERCIAL Photography

The technical challenge of creating an image is what originally lead me to peruse a career in commercial photography. Working from Edmonton has given me the opportunity to serve an array of clients across Western Canada, from advertising agencies to industrial construction companies. With each project I take on, I aim to capture images unique to the client with the intention to create a final product that fits their personal needs and contributes as well as adds value to their visual identity. On set I work methodically, paying attention to each detail while taking all factors into account before pressing the shutter button. I strive to capture as much as possible on set and in camera, however, I believe Photoshop is a tool that is to be used to further develop a scene and image, accomplishing things that otherwise are impossible to take in camera and making for a truly unique image.


Edmonton PRODUCT Photography

The ability to create something out of nothing is the most compelling aspect of product photography. Although my studio is Edmonton based, I have had the pleasure of making product images for companies from around the globe. It is far for exciting for me to create a scene and set for a product than it is to capture that same product on a standard white background. During the planning and pre-visualization stage of an image, I work with the client to develop a vision and atmosphere that will best portray their item. I then move into the production stage, and this often involves set building and at least one element of the scene that needs a paint job. Often, product images require a number of image captures that will then need to be blended to create the final product in Photoshop. 


Edmonton ARCHITECTURAL and INTERIOR Photography 

I set out with the intent to capture a space with the exact feeling as the designer intended the space to convey. At times, this will mean working with supplemental lighting to create an image, or using what is already in the scene to make the image. Working on architectural and interior photography projects allows me the opportunity of capturing images that are as technically perfect as possible. From composition and furniture arrangement to time of day and lighting, there are many factors I take into account before taking an image. I have worked with multiple different individuals and sectors to capture their architectural photography needs, including interior designers, general contractions and industrial engineers and this has allowed me to understand the needs of many different fields in the industry. 



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