Coca-Cola Bottle Image | Edmonton Product Photography


Here is a recent product photograph I captured of a (full-size) Coca-Cola Bottle! 

Product photography is a genre I have spoken a bit about here on my commercial photography blog as I love sharing behind the scenes of what goes into a final image. It can be surprising the amount of work that can go into a seemingly simple image. 

Acquiring a glass Coke bottle did prove to be a bit of a challenge. Superstore, Walmart, etc., all sell 237mL or mini size glass soda bottles. These are way too small and in no way feel like a classic Coke bottle! I ended up finding a full-size, 355mL, “Mexican Import” Coke bottle at a Latin market. 

The final image was made with only 3 lights and a combination of a couple different frames blended in Photoshop. 

Originally, I created a triad colour palette of red, blue, and yellow. However, after bringing the files into Photoshop, I decided to opt for a bold monochromatic scheme as I found just the red to be much more impactful. 

And here is the build of the final image! 

Thank you and goodbye!

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