My name is Adam Borman and I am a commercial photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta specializing in editorial, product and architectural images.  

Well, here we are in my very first ever blog post. There are a lot more exciting things that have happened, but there, of course, are also a lot less! (he he) Ok let’s get down to it. I feel it is important to share with you some fun facts about me, which is unfortunately terribly cheesy but is very necessary for Blog Post #1. Fun Fact 1: I hate things that are cheesy. It’s rather interesting though what some can perceive as cheesy and others not. Anyway, I really wish we were able to meet instead of talk here. Text and the internet really don’t give the full scope of character. Fun Fact 2: I will always advocate for an in-person meeting over a phone call and a phone call over an email and/or text message. How else can you build a good connection! 

Ok, what follows is a quick a dirty Fun Facts list:

  • photography is #1, and next to photography is music
  • right now my jam is a couple different tracks by Daft Punk - I have this odd habit of liking one track by an artist for a while and then coming back to them years later and discovering and enjoying their entire discography - that’s what has happened here
  • The Beatles are, and always will be the pinnacle of music for me
  • I don’t think items in a quick and dirty list should be capitalized unless necessary in the letter/word/phrase
  • I really don’t mind writing too much, but I cannot spell many, many, many words (thank you to spell check for everything)
  • I love the technical side of photography just as much as the creative side - both are extremely important to my images
  • it’s either Willaim Eggleston or Gregory Crewdson for me - photography doesn’t get much better than those two
  • my dog is named Bagel and she is a Beagle

Ok, there you go! I hope you’re happy and thank you for time. 

To end off, here is an unnecessarily large image of me and my face.  


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