Adam Borman shoots for Hermès Paris | Alberta Product Photography

I am beyond excited to share some recent work shot for Hermès. Last month, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph Thomas Jacob’s commissioned pencil sculptures for Hermès’ Instagram account. 

It is truly amazing the detail Thomas creates in a regular pencil lead. All of these were hand-carved with only a razor blade! Thomas mentioned it usually takes him about 6 hours to complete one - he is definitely a tremendously patience man! I am far too heavy-handed to carve a pencil sculpture; I would probably break everyone I tired to create - Thomas said it is rare for him to break one when working on it. 

To capture the sculptures properly and do them justice, I used a closeup, macro photography technique. In combination with macro photography, lighting the sculptures to show shape and form was essential to showcase as much detail as possible. To show scale, we used a hand model and usually only showed his fingertips to emphasize the unbelievably tiny size of the sculptures. 

Thanks again to Hermès for the wonderful opportunity! : ) 

Thanks for reading! 

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